86 Field - Green Repurposing

Re-design the field for circulation, informal play, outdoor classrooms, etc.; design charrette was held April 15-17, 2010.

Campus Recycling

Discover where recycling programs are insufficient on campus; advertise the new single stream recycling.


Divert campus food waste from the waste stream and produce usable compost and eventually usable heat.

Green Greeks

Work with Greeks to be more sustainable.

Green Roof on the Student Union Bookstore

Design and build a green roof at the Union; joint effort between the SSTF and ASME; assistance from campus departments.

New Building Design and Existing Buildings Refurbish Policy

Establish a campus-wide policy to formalize approach to construction projects; should include all scales of projects, from lab modifications to campus additions.

Resource Usage Feedback

Increase awareness and promote behavioral changes through visual displays; encourage friendly competition between buildings or residence halls with incentives.

Sustainable Housing Initiative

Create a research and living community as an evolving sustainability showpiece; support green construction, use the space for learning, and foster cultural change.