Curriculum Integration (Content)

Create interdisciplinary study programs that focus on sustainability; topics cover scientific, engineering, and architectural aspects, as well as social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental impacts; ranges from individual courses to minors and majors across all fields.

Digital Classroom in Lascahobas, Haiti

Work with local community and industry groups to provide a sustainable learning environment for a K 12 school and its satellite schools; continue development following the completion of Phases I & II, which involved the installation of a photovoltaic power system and a tablet PC computer classroom, and was completed in January 2010; potential to work on future projects, such as improving air and water quality, performing a building stability assessment, and installing an on-campus roof garden to supplement lunch costs for the students.

Education for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff training; educational programs addressing sustainability for Rensselaer employees in conjunction with current training requirements.

Environmental Movie and Discussion Series

EcoLogic, SSTF, Vasudha, and the Sustainability Studies faculty are working together to create a series of movies followed by guided discussions.