Earth Week

An annual celebration of the environment culminating in EarthFest on Earth Day.

Earthfest during Earth Week

An annual celebration of the earth and environment held on Earth Day.

EcoHall Challenge

A competition between the freshman dorms to reduce energy usage, sponsored by the Resident Student Association (RSA).

EcoLogic Sustainability Events Calendar

A google calendar where ecologic compiles all events and activities we are aware of in the area that may be of interest to the sustainability minded.


A Concerto based game whereby students will be encouraged to "Sew the seeds of conservation" through small acts of sustainability.

EcoTroy Google Map

A Google Map of all the local businesses and locations which may be of interest to the sustainability minded.


An environmental newsletter released periodically by EcoLogic.

Environmental Education Center (EEC)

A meeting place, eco-lounge, and library of environmental resources located in the games room of the union.

Face the Waste

A recycling awareness campaign on campus during Earth Week; brings together approx. 120 student volunteers; approx. 600 students participate in a prize competition.

Sustainability Speaker Series

Bring appropriate speakers to campus.

SustainAffinity Alumni Group

EcoLogic and the Office of Alumni Relations are working together to create an alumni affinity group for Alumni who are interested in environmental and sustainability related issues.